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You're Still Meeting and We're Still Here to Give You Great Content.

Your Virtual Corporate Solution!

Live Streamed, Live Tape or On Demand Performances to WOW your attendees VIRTUALLY and delivered to you how you need it!

  • 4 Camera shoot with Switching Capabilities

  • Professional Sound System

  • Virtual Platform Host

  • Interactive Elements

  • High Speed Fiber Optic Uplink

  • Professional Broadcast Studio

  • Customized Sound Track

  • Customized Imagery

  • Finished Painting Products to Gift, Auction or Donate

  • Highly Skilled Artists, Singers and Musicians 

  • Show Design Bringing Together all Your Design Elements

  • Add-on ~ Virtual Swag Event Kit for Maximum Participation 

Behr Murals@0.5x.jpg

Virtual Awards



Imagine the suspense when the emcee announces your award winner by calling on our ARTISTS to throw PAINT at a giant 6' x6' canvas and creating their portrait right in front of them! 

With viewers wrapped up trying to identify WHO the Artists are painting ...another 'camera' is secretly focussed in on the actual Award Winner watching that individual closely for that exact moment 

when the winner recognizes that the portrait is of THEM!

The cameras 'switch' content centering that Winner's visage on the screen capturing their reactions & sheer thrill and recognition real time!

  • Performance Portraits

A 6' by 6' portrait of your award winner produced "live" shipped to your door (up to 3 custom portraits)

  • Studio Portrait

A 2' by 2' portrait of your award winner created in our studio on stretched canvas and ready to hang. Shipped to your door. (up to 3 custom portraits)


General Session

For a General Session wake up and WOW you can expect a high energy performance that culminates in a surprising "mural" concept that supports your theme.

Add your logo, company colors or event mission to customize even further.

Imagine a 360 view of the artists working on their masterpieces as they paint in the round!

Creatively include your company media:

Slides, logos, overlays, Keynote voice overs, and even a countdown clock to the start of the session.

Art Explosion International.jpg

Product Launch

Do you have new product to unveil?

Have our artists create its likeness in moments on a giant canvas. You keep the painting to hang at your headquarters.

Our team can capture the footage and create a post production video of all the highlights of the exciting performance.


A complete entertainment and fundraising solution! 

Utilize our artists to create magical images that connect to your organization in just a few minutes. As the paintings are finished on screen, immediately switch to an auctioneer to auction the artwork. The funds raised go directly to your special cause. Include your logo or branding in the painting imagery to complete the customization to your event.

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