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Make a Splash At Your Next Awards 

Awards Banquet Speed Painting Entertainment

Created to meet the demand for high-impact, highly artistic,

out-of-the-box entertainment.

The 3 Painters artists have performed at hundreds of Awards Banquets

and are ready for the specific challenges including:

timing, staging, and teamwork.

During awards presentations the Artists' Action Painting expertise can be utilized in various ways to direct attention where you want it:

  • VIP awareness

  • Product awareness

  • Introduce the MC

  • Raise the energy within the program

  • Reveal the Award Winner

The 3 Painters bring a touch of art to your stage.

Action painting productions for your awards banquet include:

“You Rock! You guys did a great job.”

-Laura Thomas, 

Carlson Hotels

“The entire audience sprang to its feet in applause…Bravo!”

-Eden Capawana, 


"Absolutely Awesome!”



  • Single Icon Tribute: Giant portrait, created live, and customized for your event- VIP, Logo, Product etc.

  • Gallery Creation: Visualize in lightning speed 3 giant portraits are created live on stage! 3 high energy painters invite the audience to witness a truly unbelievable artistic feat. Each painting is 5′ by 7.5′ high and becomes part of the background setting, transforming an impromptu art studio into an incredible art gallery. 7 Minutes.

  • Paint Duel: A giant easel, 10′ wide and 8′ high on wheels is set whirling center stage. The painters paint on each side simultaneously- creating 2 paintings on the run! 7 minutes.

  • Mural Challenge: Imagine a mural evolving in just 9 minutes and is designed for your audience. The 3 Painters join forces, tossing brushes, running side to side, rushing to complete in time! An unbelievable potential for integrating logos, messages, specific icons or images.



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