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Harrison Ford VIP Speed Painting Reveal.

VIP Portrait Revealed in Just Minutes

Energizing. Exciting.

Introduce your VIP with a unique blast of energy customized to your audience!

Award Winner

Imagine your audience finding out who the Top Award Winner is via a short speed painting production number wherein a giant portrait of the person is created. 

With viewers wrapped up trying to identify WHO the Artists are painting

...another 'camera' is secretly focussed in on the actual Award Winner

watching that individual closely

for that exact moment

that exact second

when the Winner recognizes that the portrait is of THEM!

The cameras 'switch' content centering that Winner's visage on the screen capturing their reactions

& sheer thrill and recognition real time!

“Leaves Attendees in AWE!”


-Corporate Meetings & Incentive Magazine


-General Colin Powell

"Absolutely Awesome!”



“A Breeze to Work With and Never Misses!”

–Jon Buckland, Common Knowledge Communications

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