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General Session Entertainment

Company branding in inspiring and motivating

Action Painting performances.

One of the first things Producers and Event Planners “get” about The 3 Painters is the potential, on the creative end as well as where it is applied:

General Sessions, Product Launches, Motivational Programs, Branding, etc.
Use The 3 Painters to deliver YOUR message.

General session Action Painting elements often include:

  • Company Logo

  • Slogan

  • CEO

  • VIP

  • Product

  • Overall Message

As well as custom built speed painter programs, The 3 Painters have a variety of stand alone and striking vignettes – from 6 to 60 minutes – designed specifically for corporate challenges and customizable beyond belief.

With knowledge of your intention, vision, venue & audience demographics, The 3 Painters can propose the perfect Performance Art entertainment experience

for your event.

“Generated more energy than I’d ever imagined for our audience of 35,000 people.”

-Steve Pitt, 

National Auto Dealers Association

“Brilliant and FRESH!”

-R. Aaron, President, BizBash

“You Rock! You guys did a great job.”

-Laura Thomas, 

Carlson Hotels

“What a Great Act!”

-Lisa Hurley, Editor, Special Events Magazine

Read These Examples of How The 3 Painters Enhanced General Sessions.

Branding Event in New Jersey

BASF contacted The 3 Painters. They wanted to deliver various concepts in a visual presentation that was powerful, insightful and “hip”.

Challenges included:

  • Create, in just minutes, an art piece that conveys a complex mix of concepts people will immediately understand AND is entertaining AND motivating to watch.

  • A board of executives has to agree and okay each step of the design phase.

  • In addition 2 full portraits of specific American Icons also had to be created.

  • Everything is to be completed in under 10 minutes.

  • 2 different groups requiring 2 full performances.

  • After the event, the art had to travel as an “exhibit” to all the branches of the company.

  • Venue inside a hockey arena including a trade show in its layout.

The 3 Painters developed a plan.

  • Consult consult consult… When a complex plan needs many executives to approve there has to be enough “proofs” so that everyone is on the same page.

  • Place 3 10′ wide easels evenly spaced across the stage.

  • Devote 2 painters to the mural centered.

  • Use the flanking easels for the Icons which the third painter will have to complete on their own, bouncing back and forth between them.

  • 2 singers performing songs relevant to the message.

Result: A successful presentation directly in line with the company’s core values.


3 Painters at Vegas Awards Ceremony

An International Company contacted The 3 Painters.
They were looking for a highly visual “WOW” to add punch to their awards show.

Challenges included:

  • Seven 4′ x 5′ Paintings to be created in 9 minutes

  • Paintings of award-winning hotel properties

  • Paintings to be awarded to each hotel to hang in their lobby

  • Meticulously timed show-flow with no room for error

  • Stage not able to be pre-set, actual window extremely tight

  • Captivating an international audience of 1400, many of whom didn’t speak English

The 3 Painters developed a plan…

  • Mount each painting on 4′ x 5′ stretched canvas

  • Create 9 large custom easels built for quick on/off

  • Streamline a system of circulating paintings past each artist, each of whom focuses on a specific aspect (lines, textures, finishing) without

  • prematurely revealing the actual winners

Result: A highly successful event that met all challenges


In the Round in Toronto with The 3 Painters

A Toronto Producer contacted The 3 Painters. Their client needed a “WOW” for a huge international employee celebration.

Challenges included:

  • A circular stage set in the center of a dance floor, centered in the venue

  • Engage entire audience encircling the stage

  • Alternate with a cirque act

  • Timed show-flow

  • Captivate an audience of 3000 (half French Canadians) plus a delegation of 50 (upper management from Japan)

The 3 Painters developed a plan.

Custom Design four 15 minute vignettes that can be performed as short shows with quick on/off
Include 2 dynamic singers who can help draw all sections of the audience in
Integrate local songs and feel.

  • Vignette 1: Position 3 large easels in a triangle formation – so everyone in the audience can see at least one painter – and create 3 portraits simultaneously. Circulate artists and singers between paintings and let them interact. Have one painting upside down.

  • Vignette 2: Utilize the Painter’s Duel. A 10′ wide easel on wheels set center stage with 2 stage hands rotating it like a revolving door. A portrait is created on both sides as it revolves. Include logo on each portrait.

  • Vignette 3: Client’s request- Giant 10′ high portrait of a local hockey star.

  • Vignette 4: Client’s request- an extra wide portrait of the company founder working on an assembly line. Slowly revolve this painting so entire audience can witness its creation.

Result: An engaging and fun evening that accomplished exactly what they wanted and more.

“The 3 Painters were a hit at our “See Things 2020″ event, and we are thankful to you and the entire staff for your professionalism, patience and flexibility in making the event a success.
It was just the sort of thing we needed to spice up our event and get our people pumped up about our own internal culture change. We even were able to successfully work into the messages of our executives how what you all do is a good example of the very types of behaviors we want our employees to adopt–entrepreneurialism, innovation, teamwork, and customer/market focus.”

-Christopher Holodak, BASF

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