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“It stole the night! The crowd was wowed enough to pay a total of $56,000 for the three signed originals. Spectacular!”

-Skip Lehman,  Mach 2 Management

Action Painting for Fundraising

Each 3 Painters performance unveils an unprecedented opportunity for Fundraising. Paintings are created on the spot and then are available to be gifted

or auctioned to raise money.

The proceeds are yours.

An Entertainment Act that Creates a Product for YOU to Benefit from!

Auction the paintings, gift them, raffle them, whatever you choose to do – The proceeds are YOURS!

The 3 Painters’ goal at your fundraiser is to help pay for themselves and raise money for your organization.

Truly unique.

“To see their faces at the final reveal of the painting and how it related to our company‘s charitable program with Ronald McDonald House was priceless!”

-Lisa Krass, Director, Global Events, ACN Global, Inc.

“You made me a HERO!”

-Lynn Smith, CMP, V.P. Meetings, Association of Fundraising Professionals

Each event is different so contact us to find out how The 3 Painters Action Painting Show can help meet the challenges of your particular Fundraising Organization.

“A Breeze to Work With and Never Misses!”

–Jon Buckland,  Common Knowledge Communications

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